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Heaven's Saints Motorcycle Ministry (HSMM) Our goal is as always to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and salvation through His blood as we go forward carrying this Gospel not only throughout this nation and Canada, but to all nations and tongues in the name of our Lord Christ Jesus. It is such an honor to serve.

Bikers For Christ
Bikers for Christ is a loving, evangelistic, exciting, dynamic and fun ministry with members all over the United States and overseas. Our members rumble around the world on their motorcycles proclaiming that Jesus Christ is Lord!

Christian Bikers
Bikers Directory of Christian Motorcycle Clubs, Christian Motorcycle Ministry, Christian Motorcycle Associations, Christian Motorcyclists Association, and Christian Riding Clubs

Christian Biker Missionaries
Our mission is to spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the biker community  by recruiting, placing, and supporting biker missionaries in the field to "bring hope to the highways".

Christian Motorcyclists Association
A non-profit, interdenominational Christian organization, dedicated to reaching people for Christ in the highways. Headquartered in Hatfield, Arkansas.

Christian Bikers United
This is a webring for Christian Motorcycle Riders. Traffic share by adding your site to the ring or browse the sites who are already members.

International Christian Bikers Association
REACHING THE SEEMINGLY UNREACHABLE We are a group of Born Again bikers, each with a different life story and from different backgrounds. Each of us has been radically changed by Jesus!

Bible for the Nations
 - We are an organization whose goal is to make Bibles for different groups of people. We are working in different nations with different Bible projects. We do these projects together with different churches and Christian organizations in various nations - including a Bibles for Bikers program.

European Links

International Network of Reconciliation - A German Ministry for Reconciliation, reaching out for the lost souls by bringing forth LIGHT into the Darkness of unbelievers as well as believers who go astray. We are trying to bring forth spiritual Truth about Israel and the Church. In the past we had different journeys to Poland, Auschwitz, and Israel and the Kingdom of Jordan to pray for Salvation of Jews and Gentiles. We are offering trips to Auschwitz again as well as trips to Israel. We are praying for godly connections between different Ministries worldwide for the GLORY of the KING of KINGS.

Bikers Church Westfalen
 ( northwest Germany ) For friends of the motor cycling there where EV. Church of Westphalia a church, which is also a member of "community of Christian motor cyclist KSK in Germany".

Jesus Bikers
 (France) - It's our pleasure to pray for you, advise you, to teach or preach.

Christian Biker Constance Upper Swabia
 - We are motorcyclists who believe in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. For us it is not important which church or community someone belongs, but whether he or you put trust the Bible to the God.

Gospel Riders
  (Switzerland ) Jesus died for us, we'll ride for him.

Christian and Motorcycle - is an initiative of the Protestant and Catholic churches in Berlin.

Bikers under God's Command - somewhere in the north of Germany We believe in Jesus, We believe He is the Son of God, We believe He died and rose again, We believe He paid for us all.

Holy Riders MC - They have different chapters in Germany JESUS LIVES! TURN OR BURN!

Disciples of Christ (Switzerland) - Biker Church is a trans-denominational Christian post-secondary network consisting of biker pastors and Christian biker clubs from all over Europe.

Christian Motorcyclists Association
 - (Germany) the CMA consists of over 150,000 members in more than 500 registered chapters in the United States and many other countries worldwide. 

Christian Motorcycle Friends
- somewhere in the middle of Germany. 

Christian Bikers
(France) -  This site was created to provide information about Christian Motorcycle Groups which are present in France, in Europe, and the rest of the world.

General Christian Links

Indie Gospel - parent network of this site and home of the social group for Biker Heaven.  We spread the Gospel through music, promote worthy charities, and provide free Christian resources.

Christian Webrings
General, music, and Biker sites, linked together through webrings. All Christian content and themes. Join here.

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